Tuesday, October 9

Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Ep 4 Review

On tonight's show, Jesse and his beauty where looking for revenge on Rebecca and Will for sending them to the elimination room last week. Also, tensions became high with Sam and Nicole when Sam and Rebecca were getting intimate on the top bunk above Nicole. Same admitted he was thinking with his dick, when Nicole left the room and went to sleep in the living room. Nicole was concerned about how her friends and professors would think about her when they would see losing her composer. As for Will, everyone wants him out of the house, except for one of the Geeks. Even Nicole was talking to Luke about Will's reign. The Geek challenge... it was up between Will and Jesse and everyone was afraid Will was going to win yet again and Jesse won. Rebecca then knew for sure that Jesse was going to kick her out. Then Sam won the Beauty challenge.

Sam didn't know who to get rid of. Sam didn't want Rebecca gone, so he wanted someone that could she could beat. A different side of Nicole was seen when she suggested a team to Sam that she thought could actually take Rebecca and Will home. Jen and William went against Rebecca and Will in the elimination room. Rebecca felt that Jesse and his girl were seeking revenge. She started crying when few people were helping her and almost everyone was helping Jen and William. I'll tell you the truth, usual with these super beauties, I think they are lame dumb bitches. Stuck up and full of shit and don't want to admit they are smart and try. But I actually fell for Rebecca. I actually think Rebecca is smart and actually cares for Sam and is aware that he is a bit of distraction. She also has no problem being close to Will, who is hat and sweaty. I personally know stuck up nerds and know what the gang is talking about when they say Will is one, but I don't think so much. I see that aspect in him but I don't see that completely. Will seems to have a good head in his shoulders to not be jealous about Rebecca and Sam together. He is so smart to think that Sam didn't set them up.

Rebecca was very stressed to win the contest, I think if Will and Rebecca won two challenges, then they did complete their mission but I think Rebecca wanted to stay because of Sam. Rebecca actually wondered if Sam set her up and didn't expect Nicole. Well, maybe she did but the show didn't show it to us. I liked it when Jen told William to not cocky i thinking they were the new Alpha Team. Rebecca and Will were definitely the Alpha Team. It will be interesting to see who will take the reign or if it ever will like Season 2.