Wednesday, October 31

Grey's Anatomy Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith is the new addition to "Grey's Anatomy," where she plays Erica Hahn, who replaces Dr. Burke at Seattle Grace. I think it was a good choice. it made sense for one and it shakes this up for Christina (Sandra Oh). TV Guide magazine mentioned they thought Brooke was going to be gay and that they thought of the possibility of her and Christina being together. Producers have toyed with the idea of Sandra Oh being bisexual. But in October 25 episode, the character of Erica specifically said she was into men. And was antagonistic towards Christina. It seems they are rivals. Maybe, if they do indeed choose to reveal Erica is gay or bisexual, they can say she was just using that as a front.

Brooke Smith and Sandra Oh actually did play lovers in a Sapphic off-Broadway play called "Stop Kiss." Smith told TV Guide that she and Oh have been "secretly pushing [to reunite on screen]... But I don't think anyone knows what's going to happen." If Brooke Smith looks familiar, she was the victim in the hole in 1991's Silence of the Lambs.