Tuesday, May 22

Veronica Mars gets the axe

Gilmore Girls has ended and many cried because of the sudden death but much like 'Everwood,' not many are going to shed a tear when this puppy (Veronica Mars) is laid to rest. CW claims it will be back in some form but not even the executive producer Rob Thomas knows what is going on. But it is nearly canceled and I watched the last two episodes. When they solved more or less the arc of the year and tried more single episodes, the last two are pretty powerful, where she seeks revenge on ones who put out a sex tape featuring her and McNipples. Veronica Mars puts all on the line when she crosses with a Skulls and Bones-like organization.

When they killed off one of my favorite characters Sheriff Don Lamb, played Michael Muhney--I found it pretty guts but it still didn't feel like it had a lot of emphasis on it. I didn't like how her ex boyfriend (Jason Dohring, above with Ryan Hansen) kept punching everybody in the last two episodes but hell, something has to be done. I think it was pretty good that the show ended with a female making many powerful men unhappy. But I admit I didn't see the show a lot, mainly because some parts were boring and I found Veornica Mars annoying and pretentious. Her quips, as pop culture-y they are, Buffy's were better. Buffy didn't come off as a stuck up know-it-all. Now does the finale leave things hangy? Sort of, but not enough to feel incomplete. At least it got as far as it did: Three seasons.