Sunday, May 27

Heroes: Origins - Building on Mythology and cool Spin-Off idea

[Christopher Eccleston above]

Everyone has been asking me if I've seen "Heroes" and my answer is more or less yes. I've seen a number of episodes but I haven't seen all of them. When I first heard it was coming out last July, I felt like it had been done and it would never be a hit. Mainly because I think I had an overload of regular people having superpowers and it being compared to average life and having a big crisis like "4400", X-Men, etc. But it pretty much surprised everybody, having not two but three or four catchphrases (the cheerleader one, Yata!, and 'Are you on the list?') and making Milo Ventimiglia slightly likable (didn't have much fans with 'Gilmore Girls' or that god awful WB series 'Bedford Diaries').

Now its spin-off "Heroes: Origins" is a pretty cool idea for a spin-off. During "Heroes" hiatus (curing the period where there is no new episodes), there will be 30 or so episodes--each one focusing on a new character and fans will vote online on which one should be on the 'mother' show. They say they still haven't fully put the schedule in stone but definitely it won't be 'peppered' throughout the season so it will confuse the audience. I hope not. But it definitely saved NBC. 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip', weep.