Monday, May 28

Unknown Hotties for the last half of May

This time I have 1 singer, 1 tennis player, 1 cook and 3 young actors...

Jose Galisteo
This singer was born Viladecans, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and is 30 years old.

He was in the reality show of "OperaciĆ³n triunfo."

Hot little number, eh?

Erik Eidem
He has been on "Veronica Mars" and "Cold Case" and the movie Tunnel Rats.

He was in the 2005 TV movie Ordinary Miracles.

Jesse Head
Actor, did voice work for the new CGI Penguin movie Surf's Up. He was in "Summerland," and the Olsen Sister's ABC Family fractured sitcom "So Little Time."

Recently he was on "My Name is Earl" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Mark Philippoussis
He is an Australian tennis player that has been playing since 1994.

He will in the new humiliating reality show "Age of Love."

His first language is Greek even though his mother is Italian.

Curtis Stone
TV Cook Personality, he is 31 years old and from Australia.

His current U.S. show "Take Home Chef" airs on TLC.

He has recently appeared on Martha Stewart's show, NBC's 'Martha,' preparing two of his signature dishes.

Josh Dean
27 year old Canadian actor was in the short-lived FOX (surprise, surprise) sitcom "Free Ride."

He did his own stunts as Cole Peters in the movie Purple Gas.

He will be in the upcoming movie National Lampoon's Bag Boy and Young People Fucking.