Thursday, May 31

I Spot: Mathew Botuchis

Now when I spot an actor in a commercial or something, I will categorize it as 'I Spot.'

Just noticed actor Mathew Botuchis on an Astrive Student Loan commercial. I guess you could consider him an 'unknown hottie' as well because no one knows his name but me. He played Dave in "Will & Grace" as Jack's assistant at the Gay TV station he worked at. Jack would call him 'Elizabeth.' He played Spike, a player in MTV's "Undressed" and he was Amanda Bynes' object of affection in a "Dawson's Creek" spoof 'Moody's Point' in "The Amanda Show."

This was in 1999, when he was like 16. He's now 23.

June 29th Update: I also spotted Mathew in a McDonalds Big Mac commercial.