Monday, May 28

I'm sorry but.... Ultimate Fighting is Gay

Okay, here is the deal. (My best friend likes it when I say that.) I know Ultimate Fighting has been around 15 years or whatever but I have noticed it has been getting pretty popular these days. Wrestling has lost its gleam so now people like ultimate fighting, there is even pay-per-view shows now. I think the draw is that anything goes. When men get close together in sweaty situations, like that Old Spice commercial I covered---people instantly says gay but I am surprised no one has said a thing about this. There is a fine line. I mean, if they weren't wearing those tiny little shorts... I am not surprised if their little friends come up for air, but if it did happen--then people might have instantly jumped off, I guess. And most of the fighters are wide and skinny twink-like dudes. So come on you straight Ultimate Fighting fans, you got to admit this is a bit gay. Don't get me wrong, I am gald it is popular and all, but come on!

I did some research and I guess I'm not the only one:
Cityrag: Fighting is so Gay