Tuesday, May 22

Gilmore Girls Proper Send-Off

I was on vacation and out of nowhere, little did I suspect 'Gilmore Girls' was going to have a series finale. I was shocked to say the least. I wasn't really keeping track of the show because the new episodes were showing sporadically, unlike 'Lost' and 'Grey's Anatomy.' 'Gilmore Girls' has been a great show, even though it has not been up to par in the past few years, even with Amy Sherman-Palladino, but every hit shows goes through that. There has been plenty of memorable moments this year (Rory and Logan's rocket, Lane's babies being born). It was actually no surprise they were calling it quits because rumors about Lauren Graham and Alexis Biedel's contracts being up and mixed feelings about Amy being fired. When the series finale was airing, I was thinking about why Amy didn't do it but Lauren says in a interview that it wasn't her way to write and direct the finale, she would have had wanted to be in it 100%.

The series finale was actually satisfying. Fans complained that you didn't feel closure. The cast even says that they didn't know if it was the series finale or not. I think the episode topic dealt with the feelings everyone was feeling about it being 'too soon and loss and not enough time.' There were plenty of great moments like Rory and Lane's goodbye and so forth. If you didn't see it, it was about Rory being employed as an intern to travel on the campaign bus of Obama. So Lorelai and Rory's planned trip to check out all the rollercosters around the country was canceled. Loreali ofcourse was crushed and held it in. A planned college graduation party by the whole town of Stars Hallow was canceled so Luke took charge of a last minute farewell party, even under rain. So, everyone feels Lorelai and Luke's relationship was left on hinges but I think it was perfect how they did it. How would have the fans felt if their relationship was rushed and got married all in one episode? It wouldn't be the 'Gilmore Girls.' So in the end of the episode, they zoomed out from Luke's Diner as a homage to the first episode.