Tuesday, May 22

Back to South Florida

I am back ya'll and ready to rumble. This is the stereotypical picture of San Francisco, I admit I went here and took lots of video but like any bridge, it is very steady and quiet and reliable. Many other landmarks like the Niagra Falls or the Geyser, are noisy and rumbly. I had a great time, I didn't do a lot of tourist-y things but I did get a great idea of what it is to live there. But still the cliche of 'its a great place to visit but not to live in' comes to mind. I still have to find the place that is mine, what 'my way' is. Everyone has gone through this one time or another, it is what we all go through. So yeah, I had time to reflect. Out of all the things I missed, I missed blogging most of all.