Friday, May 4

Grey's Anatomy Spin-off Review

Thursday, the much-talked about two-hour backdoor pilot for Addison aired and it has gotten mixed reviews. It was pretty good surprisingly. At first view, the characters were annoying but they quickly grow on you. Taye Diggs' character is annoying, while Merrin Dungey was actually pleasant!!!! I have always found Tim Daly sexy and hot, he still is. They picked the right guy. Great chemistry between Amy Brenneman (Whose character I find too mopey and weak, I miss the strong Amy) with that other guy I didn't catch his name and can't find it. Also chemistry between Tim and Kate, Kate and Merrin and the whole group. They said the episode would not be completely about Addison but there was more on her than the action at Seattle Grace and that was just fine. The episode didn't skip a beat, until the stuff with McSteamy (zzz...) and I expected more from Christina freaking from wedding stuff--it was nice seeing her mother and her future step-mom ganging up on her. There was a lot of patient stuff, it was a little disorientating but it was well crafted.

Marti Noxon is said to be part of the spin-off but I dunno if she wrote the second half, Shonda did the first half. The guys have great chemistry. The stuff between Alex and his 'Jane Doe' is really good and still very strong. They could spin-off that relationship, no, just kidding. Even that annoying blonde lady from 'Everwood' was a good guest, as a lady who wants a baby from a surrogate with many possible fathers. The end with Meredith's father was so great, it was so awesome the characters they chose to be there. The usually puddy duddy dad, what he did was shocking but not out of character, seems right. I mean what he did wasn't right, but eh. As for Burke and Christina, they are great together but I don't think they will make it the long run. Who knows? As for how Addison treats her friend, eh, too mean. Addison was all over the place but she does seem part of this new group. She takes command, even though she isn't completely. So yeah, she is kind of Meredith. As for her want for a baby, I thought it was kind of selfish and dumb reason for her to go to L.A. after everything that happened between Alex and McSteamy, it seemed forced. And much like its big sister, it is sex-crazed as ever. The Elevator thing was funny, I thought it was part of the therapy. Tilly, hee hee. It is true about the horny aphrodisiac elevators.

If it does get picked up, I hope we don't get narrations.