Saturday, May 26

Bridge to Terabithia Review

I finally saw Bridge to Terabithia and I had read the book. Fans of the book said they were mislead by the trailers that the movie was going to be like its current predecessors where the kids actually go to the fantasy world. Thank god, it remains more or less true the book. The movie is set in modern times and keeps the somber feeling of the book. The death is still sort of a surprise, the movie doesn't talk down to the kids but still feel like a children's movies. It is a serious Children's movie, I used to hate those when I was a kid because I felt like it was boring. But seeing this as an adult, it is just plain awesome, I wish it had a little more to it though. There is a strong performance from Robert Patrick as the boy's father. The kids are adorable, good casting. Josh Hutcherson, the boy, has this rugged presence--definitely like Daniel Radcliffe, he will make one handsome leading man. The CGI is awesome, doesn't invade the film and the CGI characters aren't annoying, they barely talk. The religious stuff is toned down in the flick but a solid film. Worthy part of a family's home collection.