Thursday, May 31

Remembering 'Out of this World'

Many of you may not remember this show, I do know the show did run in Central American cable but dunno if completely international. Anyhoo, it was called 'Out of This World' and it was a syndicated sitcom that ran weekdays. Depending on the local channel that aired it, it would air in the morning or afternoon. As for Miami's channel 39 (Now CW South Florida), it ran it on Sunday mornings and then weekday afternoons. It was one of my favorite shows I watched with my mom, another show I watched was with her was 'Quantum Leap.'

It was about Evie, who when she became a teenager found out the truth about her missing father--he's an alien and she inherited powers such as being able to stop time by putting her index fingers and clapping to return everything back to normal. She could also 'gleep', changing things like turning a pizza into her boyfriend Chris (Steve Burton, below).

Her mom was played by Donna Pescow, who is now best known for 'Even Stevens.' She is also best known for Saturday Night Fever. Evie's dad was voiced by Burt Reynolds. Maureen Flannigan, who later went on to do 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9' and '7th Heaven' as Matt's girlfriend.

On the left, Steve Burton looked like back then and then to the right what he looks like now. He's on "General Hospital."