Thursday, May 24

Violet Power Ranger

The picture above is from the latest Super Sentai series 'Gekiranger' in Japan, next year it will become the newest incarnation of the Power Rangers--Power Rangers Jungle Fury. I have been waiting for a Purple Ranger for years. For some time I thought the purple ranger would be female but I guess I was gender bias. This new 'ranger' is GekiViolet, yes that's right Violet. I agree that 'Violet' sounds female but thats just our society, gender assignment. It is silly to think colors have genders. In some cultures, pink and blue don't belong to any particular gender while in others pink is for men. I highly doubt the Disney company (that runs Power Rangers now) will call this ranger Violet but we'll see. [BoukenSilver which I mentioned last year is referred to as the Mercury Ranger.] I am so excited, I think it is so bad ass that a male superhero is violet.

Background on series: Gekiranger means 'Fierce Ranger' and started with three feline-inspired warriors that practice martial art techniques based on animals. GekiViolet obviously has a wolf theme.

In Tokusatsu (Special Effect Live-Action series), most purple warriors have been men:
2005 - Wolzard from "Magiranger" [Koragg from "Power Rangers Mystic Force"]

2002 - Kamen Rider Ouja from "Kamen Rider Ryuki" [If 'Kamen Rider Dragon Knight' gets picked up, he may be in the U.S.]

2003-2004 - Sazer Dali of the Gransezars [Not in the U.S.]

1993 - Tokusou Robo Jansperson [Not in the U.S.; I don't think it had a gender].

The only purple female in Tokusatsu I can think of is B-Fighter Tentou of "B-Fighter Kabuto" in 1996 [Platinum Purple Beetleborg from Beetleborgs Metallix].