Saturday, May 5

Chris Lowell's body: who knew?

Until I saw the back door pilot for "Private Practice" on "Grey's Anatomy," I did not understand why Chris Lowell was chosen as the 'hot intern' since he was pretty much a overclothed super-haired boy in "Veronica Mars" and "Life As We Know It."

But then there was the surfer scene. The girls tell Addison when they are down and out, they sit and wait for Dell to come around before he goes surfing. Greatest sequence ever because they focused a lot on his nipples and hairs on his abs and pecs. His nice large yummy nipples. Awesome. I totally forgot he had a great body, from two or three scenes in "Life As We Know It." Wow.

If you missed it

I like the song played during the sequence but after seeing it over and over again, I have to agree with his boss he was hitting on--he's a fetus.