Monday, January 29

Title Confusion of Bridge to Terabithia

There is this new Disney film Bridge to Terabithia and I thought it was somehow one of the Narnia books, since I am not so familar with the other stories other than the most famous one. It happens to be a novel I read in the fifth and sixth grade. I didn't recognize it from the trailer. I wasn't fond of the book because of the sad ending and death, and it actually caused controversy because supposedly it used the word 'lord' too much out of prayer.

The author of the book Katherine Paterson acknowledged that Terabitha sounds a lot like Terebintha, a Narnian island. It has been a while since I read the novel but I didn't remember such an imaginary world in which they actually traveled to it like Narnia but it was like imaginary and they would just talk about it. I'm not super sure.