Sunday, December 17

Another segment of 'Is it Me?'

Sure Rochell D. Thomas has her 'Is it Just Me?' section in TV Guide but I have so many gripes that I decided to clump them together.

In the new movie Black Christmas, is it just me or does Michelle Trachtenberg look Latina? Not in that particular picture but in the trailer. Also, the deep voice over guy for the trailer is overselling this 'people are offended' crap, it ain't on the news, Christians care more about people saying 'Happy Holidays' at Wal-Mart than a scary movie that happens to open on Christ's birthday.

Saturday Night Live has recently introduced new recurring characters to the Weekend Update segment: the gay New Jersey Couple protrayed by the 'He is no Andy Samberg' Bill Hader and 'The Ain't he gay? Chris Kattan-type' Fred Armisen. Now, is this a joke poking fun at gay people or is this a highly intellegent social commentary that just anyone can be gay even the supposedly macho New Jersey Italian-Americans? Now, they sure are adorable and great choice of matching them together.

Isn't Mistletoe overrated for Christmas? Check out the article. Mistletoe resembles sperm and thats why we kiss under it. Now we just accept that we must kiss under it, it is just an excuse. I rather question these traditions, well some that have just became traditions are laughable like disliking Fruit Cakes. Supposedly when people give fruit cakes, the reciever don't like it. Well us Latinos never give each other Fruit Cakes and they are actually expensive here in Miami. When my mom was given one, she loved it and wouldn't stop eating it.