Thursday, December 21

Unknown Hotties of the Week 12/18 Part 2

Since Monday is Christmas I've decided to have hot guys in Christmas hats or something so here is another round of Unknown Hotties of the Week. By the way, please vote for the Unknown Hottie of the Winter. No one has voted yet!

James Francis Kelly III
He has been on 7th Heaven, he recently played Steps in Rocky Balboa. He's 17.

Bryan Fisher
He has been on the 'George Lopez Show' as the daughter's one-time boyfriend Jason McNamara, 'Undressed', 'The Invisible Man', and 'S Club 7 in Hollywood'

Now the main character Whitney in He's Such a Girl.

Austin Nichols
He had been on CSI before doing Six Feet Under where he played a stoner name Kyle that Brenda that had a threesome with. He is 26.

He was in the Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenhaal who he is often seen with and just a curious. Aw, they are cute.

He was in Wimbeldon with Paul Bettany and later on the shows Pasedena, Surface and Deadwood. He was also in the movie Glory Road.

He is hot property right now will star in a drama or comedy series project with HBO and they rarely sign actors to holding deals. He is in the new show "John from Cincinnati."