Tuesday, December 5

Electrawoman was actually a parody

Remember Sid and Marty Krofft's Electra Woman and Dyna Girl from the 70's? Everyone thought it was a female Batman rip-off but it was actually the Krofft's response to Batman. It was a sendoff, parody, everything. They used much green screen. The large communicators are very tokusatsu (ala Ultraman, Kamen Rider, etc.) like. But Dyna Girl sure did get worst catchphrases than Robin. I think it was great for little girls to had somebody to look up to and I liked the sci-fi element to it. Ofcourse, I was wasn't even born yet but did see it later in life.

Much like when they revived The Land of the Lost in the 90's on ABC, they wanted to make a updated spin-off on the WB with a fan of a retired Electra Woman (played in the pilot by Markie Post) trying to get her back into crimefighting. Electra Woman was much darker (disillusioned and bitter), the pilot was produced but evidently never picked up. But I think it would had been cool if they got Deidre Hall to reprise her role, I'm sure Markie Post would have been great too. If anything, they should do a Charlie Angels movie-like tongue-in-cheek movie. I sure wish they could have released the pilot on iTunes like that Aquaman pilot.