Monday, December 18

Unknown Hotties of the Week 12/18

Jake Hoffman
He has been on I Heart Huckabees, the twenty-something Adam Sandler on Click, Sugar & Spice, and the show Undeclared.

He's 25 and has written and directed Pancho's Pizza and Walk Into a Bar.

Jason Kapono
Miami Heat newcomer, with the rare white players now that baldy (don't remember real name) left White Chocolate Jason Williams has company with Kapono and twink-like Chris Quinn.

He will be 26 in Feburary, he is from Cali.

Levi Damione
This actor is so unknown has had bit parts in movies and shows I never heard of like Perceptions ,"The World's Astonishing News!" , The Rescue, "I, Detective", and Jinx. He was recently a zombie in Dean Cain/Sci-Fi Channel Saturday b-movie Dead and Deader.