Sunday, December 3

Frisky Dingo

Watch Frisky Dingo on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Sunday nights at 12:30am, made by the folks who made Sea Lab 2021 and the drawings are actually better. Animation is about the same and some voices have returned. It is extremely funny. The show's original name was to be called "Whiskey Tango". There was already a band using the name, so to prevent legal action, the show's name was changed to "Whiskey Tango Six". However, this name was not legally distinct, so the creators jokingly said they would call the show "Frisky Dingo", and the name stuck. About a stuck up Batman-ish Xander Crews (best name ever) who plans on selling his Awesome X image and wants Killface to be his official villian to make toys but Killface wants revenge on Xander Crews and his crew wants revenge on Awesome-X. I like Killface's black british cyborgian assistant Syd.

Check out the Wikipedia article.