Friday, December 22

St. Eleswhere Season One DVD Pilot Review

I recently was offered the Season One DVD of St. Elsewhere to review. I haven't gotten to finish the entire DVD yet but I liked what I saw so far. Here is the first review, I decided to review the pilot first. I had never seen or heard of St. Elsewhere. I never thought of myself a big medical show watcher but recently I am much into Grey Anatomy and Scrubs but they are much more about relationships than medical jargon. When I first heard of the title, I thought it was strange and felt it needed to be explained to me but once it was, I felt it made sense. The hospital of St. Eligius is not the best hospital, the one everyone wants to go to but it is the other choice, nicknamed 'Elsewhere.'

I try not to judge an entire series based on the pilot but it is well-balanced in drama and comedy. The pilot first aired October 26, 1982--a month and a half after I was born. I honestly had to get used to how shows were filmed back then, I felt the pace to be awfully slow. I was quickly enamored with the character of Dr. Jack Morrison (David Morse), a passionate first year who barely sees his family and works practically 36 hours in the pilot without much sleep. Rounding out the cast are Cynthia Sikes (terrific as Dr. Cavanero), Denzel Washignton as Dr. Chandler, Howie Mandel terrific as the energetic Dr. Fiscus, surprisingly William Daniels who I know as Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World as a egocentric jerk of a doc Dr. Craig, the great Ed Flanders as Dr. Donald Westphall and Ed Bedgley Jr as Dr. Enrlich.

The pilot covers hilarious events like one doctor having to tell all the women he made love to that he was gonorrhea and Fiscus gets proportioned to making out on a corpse table. So it has a lot of potential from it and very provocative. Over all the pilot was a really engrossing and detailed one. Be sure to check out the other reviews.

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