Sunday, December 17

The Sharkman is CUBAN??!!

The 52-year old self-acclaimed 'Sharkman' who has essentially become part of the Jackass crew who has been in the first movie, 'Wildboyz', 'Extreme Contact', 'Deep Diver' and his own MTV's 'Diary' happens to be cuban. I thought he was a total gringo, totally surprised me.

He lives in Miami, my hometown. I saw him on El Vacilon con Enrique y Joe on MegaTV and thought to myself, "Would he understand all this 'regaton' stuff?' and then I listened in and he was freaking speaking Spanish. Well I'd be a monkey's uncle, well I am a uncle.

He sure is as dangerous in vain of the Crocodile Hunter but the Wildboyz sure beat him. He looks normal compare to them.