Thursday, December 7

Gilmore Girls: Always gonna blow up

On Gilmore Girls tuesday, we knew once Rory found out her new bubbly friend Lucy was going out with Marty, the 'nude guy' from Rory's freshman year, that everything was going to go done hill. So Lane has been replaced with eccentric friends (Lucy and Olivia) to make a love quad and ruin things further for Rory and Logan. Logan reveals the truth in front of everyone which is something I would do and have done. Rory finds it obnoxious and Lucy gets upset at Rory and Marty when Marty started it all. In this episode Rory and Loreali's realtionships get bad. Ball-less Christopher and Logan are jealous of the former man (Christopher and Luke ending up in a siulent animalistic brawl busting out their anger) and spout everything in front of a group of people. When Rory went to apologize, Olivia closed the door on her. Olivia and Lucy are bitches, they don't understand Rory. They suck!

Edited: 12-11-06