Saturday, December 9

My Boys is a hit

I was attracted to the idea of the new TBS original sitcom My Boys and it is great. Yes, the lead protagnist uses annoying sport analogies but they grow on you... a bit. The guys sure are hot and Jim Gaffigan (That 70's Show) is welcomed. Jordana Spiro plays the lead, a sports writer and a tomboyish girl surrounded by her brother (Gaffigan), ex-boyfriend/roommate Brendan played by the extermely hot Reid Scott, macho Mike played the red-headed Jamie Kaler, everyman Michael Bunin who is suprisingly sensitive and sweet, and new kid Bobby played by hot childstar Kyle Howard (looking his best). She made out with Bobby and then remained friends and he is dating someone else but she still has feelings for him.

She also has a token girlfriend but she surprisingly growing on you, played by Kellee Stewart and as the episodes going on, you see they have an actual frienship. It is a much watch. I like how they mix the friends together and good chemistry. At least it is doing better than 10 items or Less.