Thursday, March 20

Ryan Phillippe sweats on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Ryan Phillippe who seems to be more rough deep Delware-y accent tonight. He did seem to be sweating a lot over Jay Leno mentioning him being the first openly gay character in "One Life to Live" which was his first role. When Jay wanted him to 'look gay' for the camera for a 'soap opera' cliche zoom-in, Ryan wanted to leave. And I don't think Ryan was being homophobic, I think Jay was. What the fuck is a 'gay look'? And then Jay motherfucking said that to imagine his character Billy's hot gay boyfriend. That never happened in the series, nor does it happen with the openly gay couple Luke and Noah on "As the World Turns." Jay went on to mention Ryan's Armani commercial, in which he was nude in. Lisa Lampelli who came in after him, said she loved that he played a Ass Tickler, of course censored by NBC. By all her foul language and Ryan's reactions, she said he was 'squirming.' He actually accepted a compliment from her saying that he looked like a Ken doll. I think he wouldn't have taking that comment from anyone else. I think Jay needs to go to a Gender class.