Wednesday, March 19

Kyle XY Season 2 Finale

"I've Had the Time of My Life"
March 17, 2008

I'm a bit late on this review because I was having a family dinner at a cable-less house so.. there is not much to mention but "Priscilla's Perfect Prom" is a fake novel, made up for the series. Something about the girl's boyfriend turning out to be gay in two chapters after he stood her up. This episode picks up a bit of the loose pieces in the beginning. All is Latnok talk. Adam talks to Kyle and Jesse and Sarah pack up Jesse's room. Everything is jettisoned forward, reminds me of episode 15 with the rush of information. Sarah (her mother) is accepting taking care of Jesse (who has a new hairdo) but decides to move away, far. Adam tells Kyle that Latnok had been following him and then he gets paranoid. Kyle hilariously looks at many prom movies and thought sex was part of the high percentage of murder in the movies.

Jessie and Kyle have a pouring out of emotions as Jessie and Sarah are to leave. She does do some reflective work on herself on her being needy for approval. Jessie obviously still has romantic feelings for Kyle. Poor Stephan Trager has to have two or pretty much 2 1/2 awkward sex conversations with all of his children. First, a very forthcoming complex babble by Lori about her store being closed and second--which was well thought through, one with Josh that he need a pep talk from Nicole. And lemme tell you, Kyle's vest did not look dyed, looked fresh from the store. I do love how Kyle still takes things literally, he does eventually quickly understands the analogy.

Bonding between the girls (Jesse, Amanda and Lori) was interesting and nice. Like Jesse said, she had a near death experience, that got to change people's characteristics. Much like Buffy before him, Kyle worried about his love one's perfect proms. What was cute was Lori and Josh explaining themselves--their experiences. Funny enough, my niece and nephew are only 5 and 7 years younger than me and Lori reminds me of my niece and Josh a bit of my nephew and a bit of my friend's little brother, well more of him than my nephew. I am not much like Kyle, but I do give my nephews advice. While Lori's mentions seem to be more to the new guy to Declan and it is obvious to Stephan, Declan, and Hilliary, Kyle doesn't love Jessie the way she does, but like a sister, a platonic soulmate. I think getting rid of Jesse is a smart idea, she is too much of a X-factor, a break from her would be nice.

The episode teasers promoted a character being missing. So it could be obvious that it was 'everything is going wrong' chick... a leaky roof, spiked punch, stained dress, rushed dressing Amanda. And the quencher was her saying she loved him and if he knew his horror prom movies correct, that would be leave a mark on her head. Dumb thing Kyle did was sending Tom Foss when Latnok would strike. Good ending. Can't wait until the summer. Another thing they burrowed from Buffy? Dance/levitating.

For god sakes, producers of Kyle XY, listen to me... next year...
please can we finally meet Amanda's mothers? And not a cameo filled by extras but real actresses playing them.