Tuesday, March 25

Why Photography of Twin Brothers Nude?

[Some pictures removed because of copyright]

I tried hard not to show actual full-frontal nudity. I noticed something through the years about modeling (which my close friend calls models 'clothes hangers')... photography of twin brothers in compromising positions. The picture above and the picture below are of Kyle and Lane Carlson. They were introduced as the "hottest gay icons" on VH1's Totally Gay.

The twins stated on their web site that they are not gay and "If you find gay pictures of the twins on the internet, than[sic] you found faked images of the Carlson Twins". This is a link to their official website.

But I have found plenty of pictures of other brothers in 'homosexual' positions in both porn and regular photography. I searched but couldn't find a lot of pictures of female twins. My theory is that because the majority of photographers are male and which goes hand in hand with my theory of why pornography towards males (whichever the sexuality) are more popular.

What could be the fascination over twin brothers kissing? Could it be two of the same that turns some people on? On an artistic stand point, I can say it is beautiful. Not just because I am a gay man, but I am not disgusted by it. I just found it curious. I looked up as much as I could and not much articles have mentioned it.

This is actors Harry and Luke Treadaway kissing in a music video.

Other than twins, two independent movies have been made of male incest, two brothers falling in love. One being Harry + Max, that I covered in this review and the other being a short film called Starcrossed starring JB Ghuman Jr. and Marshall Allman.

Actor/Models Flavio and Gustavo Mendonça

Jed and Jay Johnson, twins who Andy Warhol met in the late 60's. His friend Paul met Jed as a messenger and found out he arrived from Sacramento to New York with his brother. Paul hired Jed to help get a place they had in shape. Jed later became Andy's boyfriend. A book on Jed Johnson has been published by Rizzoli called Jed Johnson: Opulent Restraint/Interiors, which covers his career as a decorator/interior designer before his tragic death on TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996. Jay now runs his businesses. In addition to being Warhol's boyfriend in the longest lasting relationship that Warhol would have during his life, Jed also designed Warhol's home in New York and worked for other celebrity clients such as Barbra Streisand.

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