Saturday, March 1

Pollo Campero to Miami FINALLY?

Like I mentioned last March, I am coocoo over Pollo Campero. Nobody understands better than other Guatemalans or Guatemalan-Americans. I mentioned they are here in the U.S. but not in Miami, but it just so happens that in December a store just opened in Boynton Beach, Florida and now there is rumors of it coming to Calle Ocho--- Saying three section in Miami-Dade (Little Havana, Cutler Ridge, and near Dolphin Stadium). There happens to be some kind of fued over the family of the creators and owners, detailed here. And it just so happens, there is plans to have Pollo Camperos in United States Wal-Marts like they have McDonalds in two in Chicago and Dallas. Details here. Apparently someone feels the same as I do: MenuPages Blog.

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