Thursday, March 27

Make Me A Supermodel: Bronnie or Bonnie, it's a bromance

Tonight there was a reunion episode tonight and the 'bromance' was finally addressed. One of the voted off contesants (Dominic) mentioned it being a bromance and the others freaked out. I think it was news for Ben and Ronnie, as they started blushing. They even showed clips of Ben and Ronnie. Ben says he doesn't care if his jail guard co-workers say shit about his friendship with Ronnie. Ronnie says he is no longer in love with Ben and he got over it, Casey says Ronnie would fall in love with a new guy every time. I didn't like when everyone (including that creepy host) said that Ronnie was very good at being gay. The host gave Ben and Ronnie a shirt that says "Bronnie" on it. They are even being sold on One of the girls commented it on it being just one shirt, but they actually gave them two shirts. [They even wore the shirts for the rest of the special!] They asked Ben if he would kiss Ronnie on an assignment, he said yeah and they everyone wanted him to kiss, but he said that he could kiss Holly, he could kiss anyone. And when the host said all the girls said Ronnie was the best kisser and they would show the clips of their steaming moments, Ben got closer to Ronnie, lol, cute. I think Ben has a good perspective of it and Ronnie smartly got over it, he can't push the impossible. Ben is straight and married, he should look for better pastures.