Wednesday, March 26

The newest member to the Disney Rangers

I have been covering the Power Rangers at the newly dubbed Disney's Hollywood Studios, there are rumors Power Rangers will end its 15-year run this year, so this might be the end of this. For those who don't know, Power Rangers have their own car part of a Motor Cars Parade and one ranger from different teams pose and then sign autographs. For those wondering, most of the regular teams include red, blue and yellow, while black interchanges with green and pink interchanges with white. Sometimes teams have started with three, and if they do, there is no pink ranger.

2001 - Power Rangers Wild Force - Lunar Wolf Ranger
2002 - Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Green Samurai Star Ranger
2003 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder - White Ranger
2004 - Power Rangers SPD - Red Ranger
2005 - Power Rangers Mystic Force - Pink Ranger
2006 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Yellow Ranger
2007 - Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Blue Jaguar Ranger

This year has a purple ranger (Wolf Ranger) and I was hoping he would be picked but he hasn't appeared on the show yet. But it makes sense they picked the Blue Jaguar Ranger since they haven't ever repeated a color. Expect for the Pink Ranger, but when they introduced the Pink Mystic Force Ranger, they retired the Pink Time Force Ranger. When they introduced the Yellow Ranger, they retired the Lunar Wolf Ranger--but it seems he is back.

Blue Jaguar Ranger versus Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible.

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