Friday, March 7

Make Me A Supermodel: Can Casey survive Bonnie?

Well, if you are not aware, the one thing that attracts people much to the show "Make Me A Supermodel" is Bonnie, the 'bromance' between straight and married Ben and gay and confident Ronnie. Ronnie had admitted it was more than a crush he had on Ben. Ben and Ronnie are roommates and Ben had been understanding and they were like flirting. For a while, Ben was actually slowing Ronnie down because he was distracted. He later surprised Tyson (one of the judges) when he admitted Ben wasn't doing his best. Last week, Ben then slammed contestant Casey with anti-gay slurs over a competition. Ronnie of course was insulted and confronted Ben about it. Ben was oblivious and showed us he wasn't as open-minded as we thought.

But now there are only 6 left, both Ben and Ronnie are up for the vote along with Casey. I think it was unfair they picked Ronnie. And Ben was understandably not good this week--not wanting to 'sell' clothes, when fundamentally all models do is sell. All Casey did bad was be shy. And really, Ben and Ronnie's problems are that they don't see themselves as sexy and lack confidence. I would vote Ben out, but every week Ben is put on the vote and saved. And I think it was all about Ben and Ronnie. So can Casey survive the phenomenon known as Ben & Ronnie? And in reality, Bonnie has been falling apart, especially that Ronnie is taking this competition seriously and also Ben's anti-gay slurs. All that has held Bonnie fans together is a quick model/video-involved thing with Ben and Ronnie but quickly switched off to Ben and that hot chick forget her name.