Friday, March 14

Make Me A Supermodel: Casey didn't survive Bonnie

Well, if you are not aware, the one thing that attracts people much to the show "Make Me A Supermodel" is Bonnie, the 'bromance' between straight and married Ben and gay Ronnie. But there were only 6 left, both Ben and Ronnie are up for the vote along with Casey. Ben was understandably not good last week--not wanting to 'sell' clothes, when fundamentally all models do is sell. All Casey did bad was be shy. And really, Ben and Ronnie's problems are that they don't see themselves as sexy and lack confidence. I would have vote Ben out, but every week Ben is put on the vote and saved. And I still think it is all about Ben and Ronnie. Bonnie has been falling apart, especially that Ronnie is taking this competition seriously and also Ben's anti-gay slurs. All that has held Bonnie fans together is a quick model/video-involved thing with Ben and Ronnie last week. Casey was kicked out, another victim of America's fascination with the 'will there or won't they?' bromance. Well, if Buffy can give gay people hope, why can't Ben?

Casey's last words

An ode to Casey: You aren't gay but they sure did enjoy making out and getting licked by Perry. And even though you acted feminine, you were aware of it, you are okay with it. But you sure are cute. I apologize for what happened, but let's see how long this Bonnie thing lasts. This week in episode 10, it is between Ronnie and Shannon, I don't think she will survive. Because a poll on has 71% of votes for Ronnie against 29 for Shannon. Bad odds for her. In the end, I think it will be between Holly and Ronnie.