Sunday, November 4

Brian Williams on SNL!

When I hear Brian Williams was going to be on "Saturday Night Live," I was excited and felt it was going to be really funny. He has shown his sense of humor in his frequent guest spots in "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report." Brian Williams sure exceeded my expectations. First he was in that Bronx talk show sketch with the two chatty ladies played by Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. He played a firefighter with a New York accent and seemed nervous to be on screen. He definitely played it well, he kept in character for the most part. Shy and modest as the two wondered if he had '8-pack abs.' An expected sketch was him playing himself, but it was hilarious. It was like a digital video, showing him as vain and pretentious. He exercised on a treadmill... with in-line skates, eating in the NBC lunch room... at his independent table, and waiting outside for someone to recognize him.

Another funny sketch was him playing a delusional disgruntled actor played a teacher in a teen show that was about to end and spin-off without him. Randomly, he boasts that he was on "Quantum Leep." Guest stars included Bono, Obama, the "Today" guys, and Horatio Sanz, who I guess no one could play that half-Mexican senator dude. Bottom line, Brian Williams and hot and hilarious. Usually when they get non-funny people, it goes down hill. But this year, SNL has been lucky with him and Payton Manning.