Sunday, November 11

Best Brothers & Sisters Ever

The November 11, 2007 episode of "Brothers and Sisters" was the most gut-wrenching and emotionally enjoyable. The Walker family set up a intervention for Justin after the inevitable happened, when he started taking his pain medication. He was an addict way back and his mom Nora (Sally Field) convinced him to get back on it. Let's just say Justin tears everyone a new one, getting on Rebecca and her mom's case; Kevin about him letting his ex-boyfriend live in his apartment while he is under a commitment; his sister Sarah and her divorce, and so on. In a great scene, Kitty puts a mirror on him when she is brutally truthful that she is there for him, even though she is bleeding from her miscarriage.

And Uncle Sal finally confesses to Nora that he was in love with a man. She is hurt that he didn't tell her back when. Then when Kevin entered the room, Nora said, "Oh god." I was insulted, I don't know why but I just was. They all lied to each other after that, that everything is fine and didn't deal with the truth at hand. Anyhoo, on the dumb Tommy side, Tommy confessed to Kevin that he was having an affair with Lena. She breaks up with Lena but she wonders how long ti will take. I feel sorry for Lena, she seems to just be a character that has been brought to serve her purpose. Other than that, it was a real great episode.

My mom and me always watch the show. Usually she is busy and only hears it. Last night, she got to sit and watch it. It effected her so much and she had a nightmare that night. The dream was that she was with the family and it got emotional. She's okay, don't worry. She just says, "Sally Field is such a good actress, you believe what happens to her is really happening." I then ask her if she also saw "Seinfeld."