Wednesday, November 7

Portia De Rossi's role on Nip/Tuck

"Nip/Tuck" fans have been going a blazing about the new season and how it has gotten better. I like the show, always have but don't know. I am glad they moved out of Miami though because they were not accurate at all. Portia De Rossi is making headlines doing her first gay role as Julia's girlfriend. I saw the character on Tuesday and so far, she is tame and that's good. I didn't want a too-much way out there Nip/Tuck character. But knowing the show, I am sure she will bloom. Portia was a bit apprehension about doing a gay role after coming out but it is brave and shouldn't be a big deal. I think it would be unfortunate for her to be pigeoned hole and stuck in gay roles, but these days... lots of straight actors have done a lot of gay roles and they manage to escape it. So it is a good time to try something different. Plus, she has had to do something because she hasn't done anything noticeable since "Arrested Development."