Wednesday, November 21

Kid Nation got really really good

Since the last week's episode, things have been heating up. Blaine had step out of Greg's shadow and stepped up, helping out the Yellow district and got the golden star. The counsel had been criticized again and all the members were changed, continued into this week. T.K. became the red leader, Michael the green leader, Blaine the yellow leader, and Greg the blue leader. Laurel was upset she went down from her throne. I think what got on her bad side was that when all the leaders decided to switch 1 member from one district to another, she decided not to. There was rumblings that the Green District was stuck up, thinking they were smarty smarties. That sort of came to a head when T.K., Greg, and Blaine heard a conversation with the green district members. They then confronted them and most of the green district members felt out of it and pinned. Some of them cried. I love the green district and it was a great scene. All the leaders (all together) have become corrupted with power.

How I see Greg and T.K. have is trying to teach a lesson to be respectful and weren't exactly that much. A bit hypocritical. As always, I love what Michael had to say, well I love his speeches. Sophia had cursed to Guylan last week. Guylan got what he deserved, he thought being a leader would be easy and it wasn't. I think it was right, he got off it but I hated the smile on his face when he volunteered to leave. It was a good episode. The scene with Taylor is touching, when the counsel told Taylor she was not going to get part of the Big Prize but when they found out it was letters from home, they gave it to her. I think they were too hard on Greg at the end, he has been doing better these days, but they can't forget the past. I can't deny he wasn't being disrespectful. I like that the other leaders were trying to snap Greg out of it, to change. I am glad the producers didn't reveal that Laurel didn't get the golden star, it was great and a surprise. Good she decided not to leave and got the star. She got kicked off the counsel but got the star. Funny her mom has her same accent. Also, that Greg wanted his own personal hug with Laurel. Could he had harbored feelings for her?