Saturday, November 10

The Importantce of the 'Man Card'

For centuries men have been fighting to prove that they are muy macho men. Society has built these structures to define what makes someone feminine or masculine. But more and more, I am hearing shit about the "Man Card." Maybe this is old but when men are into ballet or soap operas or anything considered to be feminine, they ask if they still have their 'man card.' What makes them less of a men. Some believe men must burp, fart, watch football and drink beer. If they take about their feelings, watch ballet or care about interior design, then they are less than a man and even worse, gay. Well, these days what a man is instantly called when someone wants to insult them or to insinuate that they are weak or less than a man. Also, other than the Man Card, there is the Man Hug, Man Date (two straight guys on a date), Man Crush (a straight man crushing on a male actor), all these excuses or justifications for men to be close. It is ridiculous. These days, being gay is still considered acting feminine or liking fashion. It's not even that you are attracted to men anymore. There is that constant battle and confusion.

What I am basically saying...


If you need these so called 'man rules' (like in that commercial with Burt Reynolds and Triple H and others) to prove you aren't gay, then get over your insecurities. What a man means to be is someone who is strong of heart and takes responsibility for their actions. Like they say, a real man remains a father. Take on the responsibility. Society has posted these narrow narrow social rules for masculinity. It leaves no leg room. Women can wear pants, men can not wear dresses. Girls can have platonic girlfriends but men's buddies can't be called boyfriends. It's nuts.