Tuesday, November 6

Heroes Season Two: Got better?

Critics and fans have been complaining about season 2 of "Heroes." How it has been slow building and storylines that have seemed to go nowhere like Hiro in Japan's past and Clare's nowhere high school stories. People have also not enjoyed the 'wonder twins,' who have gone through Latin America that looks more like the backlot of Oakland, California. Gay fans, including me, have enjoyed Milo Ventimiglia shirtless. Since last week, things have been picking up with Matt's evil father and the 'Company' effecting everyone from Nikki to Nathan to Mohinder. Also, Clare's boyfriend West has finally figured out her daddy is the one who abducted him. What I don't like is this virus, it seems too much Twelve Monkeys and an excuse for an apocalypse to get everyone together. Last night, Peter left his new girlfriend in the future. If the future changes, where exactly will she be? Next week, they reveal what happened between the season one finale and the season two premiere. Let's see where that leads. As for the new characters, I like the twins and don't like much Kristen Bell's character nor D.L.'s cousin, they sort of fall flat.