Tuesday, November 13

Nip/Tuck Season 5 Episode 3 Review

"Everett Poe"
Season 5 Episode 3
November 13, 2007

Just when I thought the show was getting better, the characters are just not growing. Christian has just gotten more self-absorbed and infantile. He was a total dick about Julia being gay and couldn't live with her being gay so he seduced her and tried to have sex with her. It got to the point where she did have sex with him... and he honestly believe they were going to be together and she did it to get him out of her system. With this episode, we meet Eve, the daughter of Julia's new beau (Portia De Rossi). Eve seduces as well, in this case to Sean. Once again Sean is tempted. As he is in a relationship with an insecure actress and tempted to be with a crazy ass 18 year old who broke her hymen by riding her horse. Anyhoo, I would have wished the characters to evolve and grow up a bit by Season 5 so that Christian's up-tightness and righteousness would be backed up.