Sunday, November 11

King of the Hill: Cotton Hill dies

Those of you that did not know "King of the Hill" was still on television, it is. FOX practically begged them for another season. Back in 2006, they canceled it and everything was packed up but then they call for it back. They had to get the cast and crew back together and now the second time around, they were welcomed back. Cotton Hill (Hank's father) did die in tonight's episode (November 11, 2007). The picture above was the only picture I could find of Cotton. Anyway, it was a good episode. It felt very much like previous seasons. This season has been cute and safe, going back to the roots of the characters. Well, many fans don't like Lucky, who is now Luanne's husband and father of her child. Anyhoo, the conflict of this episode... Hank tells Cotton he loves him at his death bed and Cotton bascially calls him a queer.

Then Cotton died... and came back. Actually, he knew how to slow down his heart. Cotton got a second chance but screwed it up again. Peggy was just excited. At first, Hank didn't even want to accept his father was dying but Peggy was ready years ago. Peggy was last to speak to Cotton and told him off and then lied to Hank to make him feel better. Good end.