Monday, November 12

Heroes was actually good tonight

As predicted, this week's episode "4 months later" kicked ass. Even Executive Producer Tim Kring has admitted Season 2 has not be up to par... to Entertainment Weekly, saying Hiro shouldn't have been in Japan for so long. He said that since last year built up, they thought viewers would like the same this year. But he already got us used to the long-spiraling high-octane episodes. Kring says Peter should have found out about the virus in the first episode. This episode should have been the season premiere. We learn more about Elle and maybe I can start liking her. Also, we found out Takezo Kensei (David Anders from "Alias"... TV's answer to Paul Bettany) is still alive and now going by the name of Adam Monroe, whose blood has healing abilities and is basically immortal. Now that Hiro has returned, he wants to reverse what happened to his father. like an idiot. It is so predictable. Dumb poor Hiro.