Friday, November 30

Brave Teen Rape Victim in Dubai Commotion

It is all over the news and now on ABC's 20/20, Alexandre Robert--the French 15-year old rape victim in Dubai. He is so brave to face this and talk about it on the news. Two men kidnapped him and his friend and went into the desert. The two men and a teenager rape him. He luckily remembered the plate number. Now the outrage is about the government wanting to put Alex in jail for a year-long sentence for supposedly homosexuality. That he was responsible. "The police doctor who examined Alexandre declared that there was no physical sign of rape, and suggested that Alexandre was instead concealing his homosexuality." -TIME Magazine

In the report that 20/20 report says they think he permitted it and there were no tears or evidence of forcible sex. This chills me to the bone and it is very upsetting. Not because of the gay accusations but about the young boy victim. I hope all this commotion encourages Dubai to change their laws and open their eyes. It is just taboo to the government officials to talk about rape or same-sex relationships. In this case, there is a scare also over HIV status of the two rapists. He has to wait until January to find out his own status. They say homosexuality is a crime, not that he is a victim. They turn everything around. The French told him and his mom to flee before he can be charged. He is now 16 and lives in Paris.

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