Wednesday, November 28

Pushing Daisies Episode Eight Review

"Bitter Sweets"
November 28, 2007
I find myself falling in love more and more with "Pushing Daisies." It is more and more enchanting. People criticize it for being too romantic and sweet. Entertainment Weekly brings out the point that many shows on television now are in infantile relationships, no real relationships. Everyone are on opposite sides, either single, afraid of commitment or divorced or the constantly fighting duo. In 'Pushing Daisies,' we get Ned and Chuck, who are just smitten with each other. There are still some secrets but when they can, they are truthful to each other. They also share an apartment and don't touch each other, because they can't or Chuck dies. So yeah, besides that they have a relationship. They have their fumbles but yeah the show is awful romantic. Not a good thing.

I love the part when Olive asks Chuck if she has a credit card and Chuck asks if it is to open the door and Olive smashes through the glass door. I love how the girls embraced the misspelling of 'Pie Hole' and says, "Don't mess with the Pie Hoes." This episode guest starred Molly Shannon, who is always a pleasure as a crazy nut. Remember those cheesy promos that they have a narrator that says that each week will take you on a new journey. But it is for real this time.