Sunday, December 2

Desperate Housewives Tornado Episode wasn't that bad

One would expect an episode of "Desperate Housewives" with a tornado that cost about $500,000 to be a ratings stunt and nothing more, but it was pretty good. One screenplaying writing rule is to make a big natural disaster to put a bunch of people together in the same room. Conveniently, all their young loved ones were on vacation or gone. Bree's Danielle is with her grandmother and Andrew living on his own. Lynette's mom is living with her gay ex-husband. Susan's Julie and Katherine's daughter are away on a trip. And, these people are nuts to be fighting in strong winds but they do that same vary thing. To be convenient, Gabie's mayor of a husband gets impaled with a piece of wood. Also, Nathan Fillion's character Adam's annoying mistress introduced in last week's episode gets blown away too. Strange thing the narrator said a husband would be lost and a friend too, but Susan, Edie, Bree, Gabie, Lynette, and Katherineall survive. More later.