Thursday, April 1

Maya leaving Project Runway

Maya decided to the leave the competition in the latest episode, I totally understand why she did, I don't blame her. She is incredibly talented and I wish her the best. I really do think she should have stuck in there but it was her decision and more power to her. All other designers were shocked and perplexed that Maya leaving Project Runway. If the show wasn't recorded months go, I'd believe it was a planned April Fools joke. Emilio is so... not understanding and rude by saying it is a cop-out that she left, saying she should have stayed and waited to be kicked out. They always catch him when he talks out of his ass. I know there are editors but the complaint is he gives them the material. Like how season 4 winner Christian said he is not really as annoying as he was portrayed on the show. I think it really means a lot that Maya and Mila were friends and were the last women. Very interesting.

Designers have left before, so a one from before has come back. The promos hinted it could be Jesse, Ping or Anthony, and it was Anthony---so yeah, there you go. His foot back in the door. I am sure Fans are happy. I was really hoping Maya would win a challenge, I wish she won the last challenge, Michael Kohrs said he loved her print.