Tuesday, April 6

My Mom mistakes Sir Ian Mckellan for Anthony Quinn

I was out on the town Sunday night and my mom was sick and drowsy and wanted to sleep. She has the TV on and saw a movie and saw it had Anthony Quinn. She loved Anthony Quinn, Zorba the Greek was the first movie she ever saw here in the United States. It just so happened that she was watching the Lord of the Rings on TV--namely Return of the King. Basically she thought, in her dazed state, that Sir Ian McKellan as Gandalf the White was Anthony Quinn. And on top of that, I get a text from my dad, trying to confirm a bet between him and my mother that the movie was part of the Harry Potter franchise. Now, when I mention my dad's mistake, he has to make me feel guilty for knowing 'frivolous movie trivia' and he has more important things to focus on.