Tuesday, April 27

Glee "Home" Episode 16 Episode Review

Will finally goes on to miss his wife. Kristen C. guest stars again as boozer April (and Will's high school crush) and the writers just know how to write for her and she knows to deliver. And now her character has more apparent feelings for Will, as she sublets with him. Kurt's gay crush for the straight jock continues as it is revealed that he has been engineering a romance between his widowed father and Finn's widowed mother. Finn is shocked to find this all out, as his mother moves out her old bed and threatens to move out Finn's father's chair. Finn clings to this chair. Kurt even engineered Finn's mom's great new makeover. Finn bursts out in anger in the hallway that he wants no changes, as Kurt insinuates that they will be future roommates, which is Kurt's dream. Kurt doesn't retaliate in tears, he retaliates in song, with a beautiful serenade ("A House Is Not a Home") to his love Finn. Kurt looks so handsome as a Cheerio. Puck even commented to Kurt singing to Finn, but it was without sound and I am a bad lip-reader, don't know what he said. Finn took the song as a longing to his father and loosing his memory.

When Kurt toasts to the two parents together, saying it is a new family, Finn is depressed and says they are not a family. Kurt then gets jealous when Kurt's dad bonds with Finn, something he probably didn't expect. Kurt's dad knew that it bothered Kurt and now they had a discussion, a lovely one. He says he doesn't want to change him and he won't change him in exchange. Kurt's dad even suspects that the reason Kurt set him up was not to be happy. Kurt's dad, played by Michael O'Malley is definitely a smarty and a good choice. I mean, the character is smart and the actor is a good choice. It's a great episode dealing with Kurt's relationship with his father (thinking that he might wanted a 'real guy' of a son) and Finn's memory of his father, who walked out on them and died. Kurt makes a veiled comment on it being to soon for his dad to date, that it has been 8 years since his mom died, but I think he is afraid of loosing and disappointing his dad and loosing Finn in the process. Finn and Kurt agreeing to put an end to their parents' relationship was selfish. And like that Finn's mom got a back bone. It was good for the parents not let Finn and Kurt get their way and concentrate on their own happiness as adults. The actress did a good job.

Sue pushes Mercedes to loose weight, which drives her to see her Glee teammates as food and she faints. The weight loss issue is a defiant one. Mercedes tries loosing weight and gains 2 pounds. At the nurse, she is surprised to find Quinn, who knows exactly where she has been. It was suppose to be a shock that she cared about Mercedes, but it is to shown to she has grown. She tells Mercedes that she has always been happy with her curves, Mercedes cries for not being herself and doing something she usually wouldn't do. Quinn said she would stay there for her and saying she is beautiful. The scene was a bit tacky and done there before, but it was okay. Mercedes' speech was inspired but you know that wouldn't happen in real life and the kids would probably laugh at her but I like that there are shows like this. Of course, she sings Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful." Funny enough Ms. Pilsbury doesn't appear in this episode. The ending with Sue is hilarious and no surprise Sue took credit for 'empowering' the students. And letting Kurt's dad sit in Finn's chair was sweet but Glee wouldn't be Glee without panning to Kurt outside, sadly looking at them.