Wednesday, March 31

Alyssa Milano in a multi-camera sitcom? No!

Alyssa Milano deserves better! April 19, 2010 is the premiere is "Romantically Challenged," a new soon-to-be-canceled traditional multi-camera sitcom. Even the promo advertising on it on ABC says she is "Who's the Boss." Lame. Even when ABC has success from single-camera family sitcoms, Alyssa deserve better to have a single-camera sitcom or drama. It would have been better if Alyssa was in a original sitcom (not the single-lady formula that has failed for so long on so many networks) or even guest-starred on Cougartown, she would be so funny on that show. Am I pre-judging this show with just watching one promo, without watching the whole series yet, but HELLO, I am a blogger, I am single, twenty-something living in my parent's house, it's what I do!