Saturday, April 24

Gabourey Sidibe offers a hilarious SNL

Gabourey Sidibe (Gabe-o-ray Sid-duh-bay) stumbled with a couple of her lines but was pretty good, the audience laughed a lot in her favor. She was very funny. She knows how to deliver her lines and her timing, when right, is good. Just need more practice. I do understand if she was nervous. Some of the roles they put her on are a bit stereotypical like a Jamaican nurse, poor old lady screaming out of window and a Jazz singer, but she is so delightful and charming, that even with the weak twists, it is forgivable. She and Andy Samberg have a digital short call Cherry Battle that at first looks absurd but then turns out to actually be pretty funny and delightful ends at a high note. You just got to see it for yourself. SNL should have got her as soon as she was nominated for the Oscars, but booking guest hosts has been a bit off since last year (and disaster booking Megan Fox after her movie bombed).