Thursday, April 22

Project Runway S7 Reunion Special

Oh! I miss the Reunion Specials! The last one was the one with Sweet P. They didn't do one with season 5 and 6. I am happy they did this! So thank you! I didn't like that they mixed up the models and designers together. I wish they split them up so I would be able to recognize the earlier designers, not that they look like models but it was confusing. Emilio is very bitter, petty and doesn't think things through. Nina told him the blunt truth. Anthony is the only one to be recognize now. He said a toll booth lady stopped him. Ping is so absent minded that she forgot she was on the show. Jonathan clarified things to Carrie. Emilio is nuts, making a jab by taking Amy's model when she took his (Holly). Nina and Tim know how to push buttons for the special, like Tim asking Holly how she felt about the pink bikini.

Emilio was called out, on his shit, he would apologize but it is all bull shit. Tim asked Holly if she is satisfied with his repsonse. Jay was on fire, maybe too bitchy. Jay crossed the line with Carrie. Poor Carrie, I like Carrie, she stood up for Jonathan and was burned by more than one designer and countless models. So funny that Emilio said he doesn't say anything and then he does gossip and talk shit. Jay, Mila and Antony's bitchinesses feud was entertaining. Mila apologized to Anthony, so classy. Anthony apologized too, he was asked in New York Post and he said '50 years old bitch' and said it had not to do with her age. He apologized in very funny Anthony wrap-around style, "I can't give her a kidney."

Nina asked Maya the real reason she left. She revealed that she just graduated recently and said she wasn't ready for the rest. That she had to grow up, to figure out her vision. Nina wanted her to be part of it. She says she doesn't regret it. Valeria the model knew Seth Aaron was going to win, she did what she did and it doesn't seem like she regrets it. Kristina is happy about it, she cried and says she loves Valeria, she found it sad that she had to leave the show, wish that she could have been in the end with Seth Aaron. But we are happy for Kristina for winning. Tim admits he can make mistakes, he says it comes from him, he cares for them and I believe him.